Marsh Portrait


31.5 x 71.75”


acrylic and oil on canvas





“I’ve found that the most difficult aspect of challenging gender expression, particularly in a conservative landscape, is acquiring the articles to do so. Perusing the women’s section of any small town’s only department store can be physically dangerous. In order to wear Marty’s high-waisted khaki jeans, I needed to conceal, or tuck, my genitalia. Buried in the box of clothing was a small collection of Marty’s undergarments that my grandmother had laundered and folded neatly, creases crisp from being pressed beneath heaps of heavier articles for just over twenty years. Amongst these were a pair of navy blue briefs with a white waist from the Hanes Bill Blass collection. The fabric is knit, so they don’t stretch and form to the body the same way contemporary undergarments do, nor is there a pronounced pocket for protruding genitalia. Everything is pressed tight to the body, concealing in the ways I needed them to be. It may sound strange when I explain how I donned my uncle’s own tight briefs to accomplish the goal, but when you’re presented with the necessary tools without the risk generally attached to acquiring them, you take advantage of that opportunity. It is through these interactions with Marty’s clothing that I began to explore my gender expression more subtly, and realize my non-binariness in a safe and slow manner, allowing the ephemera to inform my self.”

Marsh Portrait